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Nazi Germany

The video materials on this timeline come from HISTORY FILE: NAZI GERMANY 1918-1945, a five part series made by Andrew for the BBC, originally broadcast in 1996.

This BAFTA-winning series has been re-transmitted by the BBC every year for 18 years, up to its most recent re-transmission in 2014.  Known by teachers colloquially as the "Geordie Brownshirt" series, it is the all-time most widely used educational broadcast resource for British secondary schools, and has played a significant part in the civic education of an entire generation of British teenagers.

Written, produced and directed by Andrew Chater. Narrated by Danial Craig. Edited by Mike Burton. Music by Sandy Nuttgens. Consultant Christopher Culpin. Executive Producer Liz Cleaver.

The copyright for the series rests with the BBC, and these video modules are streamed with permission. Copyright for the archives used within each video module are claimed as fair educational use under the Spoils of War act 1946.