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Edwardian Britain

The video materials on this timeline come from the BAFTA-winning documentary EDWARDIAN BRITAIN 1900-1918: A HISTORY IN PHOTOGRAPHS, made by Andrew for the BBC in 2002. The documentary has been broken down into eight video modules.

The videos follow Simon Roberts, one of Britain's most distinguished photographers, tracing the story of the pioneers of his profession.

All material written, directed and produced by Andrew Chater. Narrated by Gina McKee. Edited by Mike Burton. Music by Sandy Nuttgens and Mike Scott. Graphics by Adams Trainor. Production Manager Denise Lesley. Director of Photography Toby Bragg. Assistant Producer Emily Cleaver. Consultant Christopher Culpin. Executive Producer Karen Johnson.

Archive and stills from miscellaneous sources originally cleared by the BBC and re-streamed as fair not-for-profit educational use. Programme copyright rests with Andrew Chater, Lodestar Productions and October Films. No reuse, downloading or embedding without permission.